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We adheres to the EU Banking Policies (EKP) and . . .

We are in harmony with the EU Banking Policies (EKP) and operate in line with the policies of this union.






Master Cloud Miner adheres to the international policy in the field of combating terrorism and money-laundering.


Customer agrees not to use the access to the service for any illegal (non-legal) activities. In case of violation of the requirements of the service, service has the right to block the username and / or carried out operation,until the final decision by the court and / or other public authority with respect to the activities of the Customer and the funds from client account.

Section 10 Terms of Service

Monday, 11 February 2019

Sweden Office: Klarabergsviadukten, 111 64 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +468165xxx (vip only)
UK Office Phone: +44xxx02227 (vip only)
Company Reg no: 11792769